Mad’s Summer Bucket List – The Start


My name’s Emma, or Em, this is me.



Anyway, a competition started a short while ago by The Student Room has got me thinking about my Summer. Now, not gonna lie, I’ve spent the first couple of weeks laying around recovering from the drag that has been GCSEs. But now I’m free and this has given me something to do, something that I can have fun with.

So without much further ado, here’s my list. I plan to update it as I go along with this blog, but bear with me as I’m slow when it comes to technology (basically an old woman in the wrong body)

1. Meet up with friends.

2. Write a short story

3. Draw 25 pictures in my dictionary. (I’ll explain later)

4. Read 5 books.

5. Watch a whole series.

6. Make a meal for someone.

7. Give a gift to a stranger.

8. Have a day out with just me and my sister.

9. Spend time with my grandparents.

10. Lose weight, and be healthier.

11. Make ice cream.

12. Spend a week in Scotland.

13. Send a message in a bottle.

14. Try tie-dying.

15. Make some pet rocks.

16. Learn a magic trick

17. Knit a teddy bear

18. Collect shells and stones off a beach

19. Sleep in the garden

20. Learn a song on piano

21.Learn a new language

22. Visit a castle

23. Walk somewhere beautiful

24. Have a picnic

25. Beat my Granddad at a game of chess

So that’s it! I’m looking forward to completing this, and checking out other people’s progress on the way. I’m just glad Summer is finally here.





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